Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pearl Harbor Pandemonium

In many books and articles, it has been speculated that messages containing information about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor had been decoded but not shared with the naval officers. If this were the case, many American lives could have been saved had the information been properly delivered. However, it is thought that the president wanted to enter the war and assumed this was the only way the American people would accept that, so he withheld the information from the public. Cryptology played a major role in finding out about the attacks, but according to written history, the code was so difficult it took a long time to crack and by the time they figured out the intercepted message, the attack had already taken place. If the code had been broken sooner, or if the information wasn't withheld, there could've been a very different outcome. What do you think really happened?


  1. I think the code should have been released and solved faster. You have to do everything possible to save lives and keep people safe.

  2. I have heard about this before. It seems like it is one of those "who knows" things. The code that was said to be intercepted is still disputed until this day.