Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Mayan Language

The Mayan Language was once a mystery that seemed unable to be broken. However, with much tedious work, linguists and researchers have been able to crack the code and uncover a language that was thought to be lost. I was fascinated by the information I learned in the film we watched last week, and my interest was further fueled in class Friday when we wrote our own names in Mayan. Although we merely learned a small fraction of the Mayan language, it was cool to put words together using their glyphs and symbols. It allowed me to truly appreciate the time and effort they put into carving their glyphs, too. I was having trouble drawing a short phrase on a piece of paper... I can't even imagine having to carve much more complicated texts into cavern walls! Mayan isn't just a language- it's a work of art.

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