Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Messing with Motors and Medicine?

After reading the articles posted on Moodle this week, some I realized some scary truths about what our world is coming too. I never even imagined having to worry about someone tampering with the system in my car to adjust the engine, brakes, or steering while I'm driving. This is a dangerous possibility, as we have no way of knowing when this could occur and we have no way of stopping it. Thankfully, according to the article, encryption devices are being created to stop hackers from controlling cars.

Another scary possibility that was brought to my attention is the fact that false commands can be sent to medical machines to hurt and potentially kill the patient using the machine. Though there is no record of this being attempted, it is a possibility that needs to be addressed and prevented. It is horrible to think about what hackers could do to innocent people in need. It's good we are taking precautions now, so these tragic events will never happen.

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